BFA Student Progress

BFA Student Progress

BFA Student Progress

At Bristol Futures Academy, along with a core curriculum, we encourage our students to study subjects that suit their interests and skills so that they can be successful and enjoy their learning.

We are immensely proud of the progress our students make and here are some of the best examples of progress throughout the past year.


 Aron has been making great progress in Mr McDowell’s Auto Sports class. He has been learning to (successfully) refit all the front lights and bumper to a vehicle.

He has also removed the full exhaust system of a car ready for inspection, along with welding an exhaust and rebuilding the rear shoes and cylinders on a car.

Mr McDowell has praised Aron’s progress – especially Aron’s care cleaning up after himself!


Blake has been learning about graffiti in his Art and Design classes. He has worked incredibly hard to evolve the styles and patterns inside his letters, using reference to develop his own style as well as experimenting a lot.

His tutors are very impressed at Blake’s ability to learn from previous attempts, follow advice and guidance and approach the health and safety risks of spray paint with great maturity.

Chloe 1 Chloe 2Chloe 

In Art and Design, Chloe has being working on a piece about her ‘identity heroine’, Beyoncé. She started with an image she chose from the internet, developing it and experimenting with different styles along the way.

Not only has she produced a series of portraits in various styles, but she has also produced a final piece that reflects on the work she has produced previously.


Connor has been learning the basics of carpentry over the past year. He has been learning about joinery and what types of joints are best for different projects.

His tutor has praised Connor’s ability to pick up new skills quickly, his positive attitude and level of achievement.

Kim 1 Kim 2Kim 

In her hair and beauty lessons, Kim has been learning how to create different looks based on images alone, and has been encouraged to experiment and build on her skills as much as possible. Kim is a real perfectionist too – she is only happy when she has produced something to the very best of her abilities.

Her tutor has described Kim as having “great potential for hair and beauty”, praising her achievements so far.

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